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History of Pumps

2000BC Egyptians invent the Shadoof
200BC Greek inventor Ctesibius invents the reciprocating pump
200BC Archimede designs the Archimedean screw pump
1475 A mud lifting machine that could be characterized as a centrifugal pump Italian engineer Francisco di Giorgio Martin
1588 Sliding Vane pump invented by Italian engineer Agostino Ramelli
1593 Nicolas Grollier de Serviere designs the gear pump
1636 German engineer Pappenheim invents the double deep toothed rotary gear pump 
1650 Otto van Guericke invents piston vacuum pump
1675 Sri Samuel Moreland patents the packed plunger pump
1687 Denis Papin-French invents develop the first true centrifugal pump used for local drainage
1738 Bernoulli published Bernoulli’s principle widely used in pump design 
1782 James Watt machine designs an oscillating piston
1790 Briton Thomas Simpson founds the Simpson and Thompson company, Hayward Tyler established 
1830 Screw pump invented by Revillion
1834 Sulzer Brothers founded
1840 Henry R Worthington invents the first direct acting steam pump
1848 Goulds Pumps founded
1849 Goulds casts and assembles the world’s first all metal pump
1851 British inventor John Appold  introduces the curved vane centrifugal pump John Gwynne patents his centrifugal pump
1853 Bore mann Pumpenfounded
1857 Worthington produces the first horizontal duplex direct-acting steam pumps for boiler feed Roper pump company fou
1860 A.S.Cameron invents the first reciprocating steam pump
1862 Lawrence pumps established; Philip Hilge founded