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History of Pumps

2000BC Egyptians invent the Shadoof
200BC Greek inventor Ctesibius invents the reciprocating pump
200BC Archimede designs the Archimedean screw pump
1475 A mud lifting machine that could be characterized as a centrifugal pump Italian engineer Francisco di Giorgio Martin
1588 Sliding Vane pump invented by Italian engineer Agostino Ramelli
1593 Nicolas Grollier de Serviere designs the gear pump
1636 German engineer Pappenheim invents the double deep toothed rotary gear pump 
1650 Otto van Guericke invents piston vacuum pump
1675 Sri Samuel Moreland patents the packed plunger pump
1687 Denis Papin-French invents develop the first true centrifugal pump used for local drainage
1738 Bernoulli published Bernoulli’s principle widely used in pump design 
1782 James Watt machine designs an oscillating piston
1790 Briton Thomas Simpson founds the Simpson and Thompson company, Hayward Tyler established 
1830 Screw pump invented by Revillion
1834 Sulzer Brothers founded
1840 Henry R Worthington invents the first direct acting steam pump
1848 Goulds Pumps founded
1849 Goulds casts and assembles the world’s first all metal pump
1851 British inventor John Appold  introduces the curved vane centrifugal pump John Gwynne patents his centrifugal pump
1853 Bore mann Pumpenfounded
1857 Worthington produces the first horizontal duplex direct-acting steam pumps for boiler feed Roper pump company fou
1860 A.S.Cameron invents the first reciprocating steam pump
1862 Lawrence pumps established; Philip Hilge founded
1866 Lederle  founded; Scan Pump founded
1868 Stork Pumpen of  Hengelo, Netherlands pioneers the concrete volute pump for water drainage
1870 UK Professor Osborne Reynolds develops an original design of a centrifugal pump
1871 KSB Established; Southern cross established in Australia
1874 Charles Barnes of New Brunswick invents the vane pump
1874 Gotthard Allweiler invents and produces a series of hand wing pumps
1886 Jens Nielsen, founder of Viking pump company invents the internal gear pumping  principle
1888 Kirloskar Brothers Ltd founded
1897 Preston K. Wood makes the first deep well turbine pump in Los Angeles, USA; Wirth founded
1901 Byron Jackson develops the first deep well vertical turbine pump; Flygt’s forerunner Stenberg founded
1902 Aldrich Pump Company being manufacturing the world’s first line of reciprocating positive displacement 
1905 Multistage centrifugal pump developed
1906 Andre Petit invents the eccentric disc pump
1908 Land Roller pioneers the design the manufacture of irrigation pump
1908 Hayward Tyler creates first electric motor for under water use
1910 Glibarco producers its first gasoline pump; Lewis H. Nash files the first U.S.Patent for liquid ring vacuum pump and
1911 Jens Nielsen builds the first internal gear pump
1912 Ebara corporation founded
1916 Armais Sergeevich Arutunoff inventes the  submersible pumps in Russia
1917 Hydraulic Institute is established ; Louis Bergeron invents concrete volute pump
1918 Byron Jackson producers the first hot oil pump for the petroleum industry
1920 Viking builds its first domestic oil burner pump using a mechanical seal
1921 Labour  pump company founded; Jeumont-Schneider beings manufacturing water and slurry pumps in France
1923 Byron Jackson demonstrates the first use of centrifugal pump for oil pipeline and the  first automatic booster stati
1924 Durco pump introduces the world’s first specifically designed  chemical processing pump
1926 Pacific pump company produces  the first hot oil double casing pump ; PSG Industrial Institute founded in Coimbatore
1928 Worthington-Simpson produces the world’s largest steam-driven pumping engine for Municipal water supply
1929 Pleuger pioneers the submersible turbine pump motor
1930 Rene Moineau receives a doctorate for his thesis which will lead to the invention of progressing cavity pump
1930 First pump in Coimbatore produced
1933 Bush pump invented , J.C.Gorman and Herb Rupp introduces a pump with non-clogging feature
1937 First Electric Motor in Coimbatore was manufactured
1937 IDP Produces the first radially split, pull-From the rear process pump
1939 Durco invents alloy 20, the standard industrial material for corrosive surfaces
1941 British Pump Manufactures Association founded
1944 Franklin Electric founded
1945 Grundfos pumps, Caprari and Flexibox founded
1948 Stenberg Flygt AB designs the first submersible drainage pump
1949 HMD Supplies its first production magnet-drive pump
1951 Indian pump manufactures association (IPMA) formed
1952 Southern India Engineering Manufactures Association (SIEMA) spear heading the invents of Indian pump industry formed
1956 Texmo industries founded in Coimbatore; Flygt industries the submersible sewage pump
1958 Suguna Pumps founded in Coimbatore 
1959 World pump magazine launched as Pumping
1960 Indian Standard  IS 1710 specification for Vertical Turbine pump published
1960 Mahendra pumps founded in Coimbatore
1968 German-Rupp produces the first fiberglass below ground, factory built sewage pumping station
1969 Mouvex launches the first sealless rotary pump not based on magnets
1970 Smith & Loveless engineer frank Weis designs the first ever above-grade sewage pump lift station
1971 Gusher develops a purge hole system that enabled pumps handle upto 30 to 40 percent entrained  air
1972 Indian Standard Specification IS 6595 for Horizontal Centrifugal Pump for clean cold water published
1976 Indian standard specification IS 8034 for Submersible Pumpsets first published
1979 Indian Standard Specification IS 9079 for electric monoset pumps first published
1980 Viking introduces the Universal seal and Viking Mag Drive lines of internal gear pump
1981 Deccan Industries established in Coimbatore by Er.K.K.Veluchamy
1984 Scienco producers the first specialized positive displacement pumps for agricultural application
1988 KSB sets up its manufacturing plant in Coimbatore
1990 Deccan introduces the First Vertical multistage Openwell Submersible pumpset
1994 Indian standard specification IS 14220 for openwell submersible pumpsets first published
1994 Baha Abulnaga  invents the slurry and forth pump with  split vane impellers
1997 ITT Acquries  Goulds pumps, making ITT the world’s largest pump company
2001 Flowserve introduces its MSP(medium speed pump) with variable frequency drives
2000 GIW Introduces first computer designed LCC rubber-lined pump
2000 GIW Innovated slurry diverter the improve wear
2006 SIMS Manufactures the largest composites centrifugal impeller in the world measuring 50 inches and consuming 2000 ho
2007 Grundfos acquires peerless pump
2010 First structural composites anti-heeling pump manufactured for NCL cruise lines