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Deccan is the anglicised form of Tamil word ‘THEKKANAM’ meaning south .The company was established in the year 1981 at Coimbatore, South India. Coimbatore city is credited with the manufacture of first pump and electric motor in India in the year 1930 and 1937 respectively Our founder Er.K.K.Veluchamy’s B.E Hons childhood dreams of creating a device for lifting water from deep wells is the inspiration for him to establish Deccan Industries. He was a pioneer in the field of submersible pumpsets and credited with developing submersible pumpsets for depths higher than 1000 feet. Deccan Industries was the first company to exclusively manufacture submersible pumpsets Deccan submersible are first in Coimbatore to obtain ISI marking .For all his achievements our founder was honored with Six National awards including the “UDYOG PATRA” from the Honourable President of India.

“A new perspective in pump design” motto set by our founder is our motivation to continually if develop new products and improve our existing product range


Team of Deccan Industries

Er. K. K. Veluchamy B.E, Hons.

Founder – Deccan Industries

Er. K. K. Veluchamy’s childhood dream of making a device to lift water from a deepwell inspired him to became a technocrat in pumping technology. His tryst with submersible technology started with his final year engineering thesis on submersible motors. It was then he developed his fundamental background in pumping technology which led him to establish Deccan Pumps.

K. V. Karthik B.E., M.S

Managing Partner- Deccan Industries

K. V. Karthik is strongly influenced by his Father Er.K.K.Veluchamy in taking up pump profession. He has seen Deccan grow from dot. His final year work on submersible pump guided by his father was his formal entry in to the technology of pumps. He is trained by his father on technology. His areas of interest includes pump design, application of pumps, water supply works and materials technology. Karthik is the current Vice President of SIEMA, COINDIA and SiTarc associations, all associated with pump industry. karthik@deccanindustries.com


Head - Administration

V. Vinoth with more than 10 years experience heads the administration function of the organization. His areas of expertise are systems management and payroll monitoring.

M. Udaykumar

Head - Development

M. Udaykumar heads the development function. Udayakumar acts as the management representative of the group. He has more than 11 years experience in the pumping field. He has been in almost all areas of pumpset manufacturing and service before being entrusted with the development function. His areas of expertise includes electrical design and CAD.


R. Ravivarman

Head - Purchase

R.Ravivarman heads the purchase function of the organization. He has more than 10 year expertise in the pumping field. He is trained in all areas of pump manufacturing. His areas of expertise are procurement management and ERP System implementation.



Head - Accounting

Kathirvel heading the accounting function of the group has 8 years expertise. His areas of expertise include statutory accounting and banking operations. accounts@deccanindustries.com