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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Deccan Industries located?

Deccan Industries is located at Coimbatore, India. The head quarters and all manufacturing units are located here.

2. What are the types of pumpset manufactured by Deccan Industries?

Deccan Industries manufactures
  • Submersible Pumpsets
  • Vertical Turbine Pumpsets - VT
  • Horizontal Split Case Pumpsets - HSC

3. What is a submersible pumpset?

A submersible pumpset is a device which has a sealed motor connected to a pump either directly or through coupling. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. Submersible pump push the fluid to the surface.

4. What is a vertical turbine pump?

Vertical turbine pump is a vertical axis mixed flow type pump comprising of stage which can accommodate rotating impellers and stationary bowls pressing guide vanes.

5. What is a horizontal spilt case (HSC) pumpsets?

The HSC pumpsets is a horizontal single stage, double suction, double volute axially split case centrifugal pump. The suction and discharge ports are integrally cast in the lower half of the casing and on the same horizontal center line.

6. Are Deccan’s product exported?

Deccan pumpsets are regularly exported to the Middle East, SAARC countries and America.

7. Can Deccan submersible coupled to other pump and motor.

Deccan submersible motors manufactured to NEMA standard can be coupled to any pump made to the same standard and vice versa. Deccan submersible made to Indian standards can be coupled to reputed Indian make as well.

8. Does Deccan supply control systems?

Yes, Deccan supply capacitor board for 1 phase, DOL, Star Delta, Auto transformer, FCMA & Soft starters for any pumping applications.

9. What are the quality certificates of Deccan?

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